The Parlor

Begin the day, or leave a hectic day behind you, when you hop into Frogs Fix Coffee Parlor. We are located in the Bench community on Latah Street between Cassia and Rose Hill, where we offer a welcoming environment with unique drink choices and numerous pastry selections.

Locally owned and operated, our charming drink parlor offers a dog friendly patio and cozy bar top where you can enjoy your delicious treats and free WiFi. Stop on by Monday through Saturday from 6am to 6pm where we can fix it your way!

Now Serving

Frogs Fix Coffee Parlor has been locally owned and operatedsince 2012. Our parlor’s mission has always been to offer classic and quality coffee, espresso, and pastries with skilled baristas, all at fair price and in a friendly environment for everyone to enjoy. We started as a small coffee parlor offering limited coffee roasts, teas, and pastries. We now rotate up to six different types of coffees, 25 organic loose leaf teas, and numerous pastries from different bakers across the valley.

We take pride in being part of the exceptional Bench community and have enjoyed broadening our shop as the neighborhood has grown. Throughout our time in the loving Bench community we have been able to create close bonds with our customers. We have loved getting to know more customers, whether customers are riding their bicycles in for their morning coffee, driving in before heading off to teach, or stopping by during our happy hour for a quick Italian soda and free Wifi, we have felt like an integral part of the Boise Bench. As the neighborhood grows we continue to look forward to being the coffee and foodie destination!